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The Wolf-Finder General: Cover Reveal

If you were on Twitter* on World Book Day you might have caught sight of the cover design for The Wolf-Finder General, hiding out among the author-quotes, sale advertisements, and pictures of people's adorable children dressed as characters that almost certainly appeared in some book** somewhere. If you weren't, or if you happened to blink for a moment, this will all be news to you. So, for that portion of the population that wasn't around for the twelfth of a second in which this image was available I present: The Wolf-Finder General cover, by Inky Willis. Isn't it gorgeous?

The cover of the as yet unreleased novel: The Wolf-Finder General. The background and overall theme of the cover is blue, with, above the title, the shape of a puritan cocked hat of the kind commonly shown in images of witch-hunters; and below it two roundels containing portraits, one of Dora, a curly haired, warm-skinned, brown eyed young woman wearing a blousy, off-the-shoulder shift, and one of Wulfstan, a large, shaggy, black dog, here shown with a slightly anxious expression. The upper part of the cover image is presented against a sunny blue sky, while the lower part shows the same sky, but slightly darker and more menacing.

Dora, of course, is there again; but who the dog is, and what part he plays in the story, you'll just have to wait and find out. Soon now, I promise: very soon.

*I know, but I refuse to call it X. Or update my app, for that matter. Twitter it shall remain until the app stops working. At which point I will probably hurl the whole thing into the sea. **I honestly like the whole dressing-up-as-a-book thing. I just have some awkward thoughts about student equity and where and how the whole costume production process should be achieved. The photos are always sweet, though.

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