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Trees by water

The Vicar Man

A Novel 

Dora is a barmaid.
Usually her life is fairly simple: she gets up, cleans the inn, feeds the chickens, argues with the increasingly obstreperous cockerel, listens to the woes of her fellow barmaid, avoids doing the laundry, and serves drinks to the motley crew of islanders who lurk about the taproom every night.
The same old routine, day in, day out.

Tonight, though, is different.

Tonight, just one week before the vernal equinox, after a catastrophically bad harvest the year before, a stranger has walked into the bar…


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Wolf-finder General

The Vicar Man: Book 2

Release: 4th June 2024

Dora is just about getting the hang of village life.


Alright, so a vicarage is a bit quiet, compared to the Inn, and she doesn't exactly have many friends in these parts, but at least no one's trying to burn anyone alive.

That's a huge improvement all on its own. 

Life is pretty good.

She's even getting used to church.

Or she was; until, one balmy Sunday morning, a tall dark stranger came crashing into her quiet life.

Now, everything has changed.

Now, somehow, with a fervour bordering on desperation, she feels the urgent make him go away again. 


But the Wolf-Finder won't leave without a fight, and until he does, Dora and the rest of her little household are in a whole lot of trouble.


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