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Amelia Crowley


Sea overlook from a cliff

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The Wolf-Finder General

Release: 4th June 2024

Dora is just about getting the hang of village life.


Alright, so a vicarage is a bit quiet, compared to the Inn, and she doesn't exactly have many friends in these parts, but at least no one's trying to burn anyone alive.

That's a huge improvement all on its own. 

Life is pretty good.

She's even getting used to church.

Or she was; until, one balmy Sunday morning, a tall dark stranger came crashing into her quiet life.

Now, everything has changed.

Now, somehow, with a fervour bordering on desperation, she feels the urgent make him go away again. 


But the Wolf-Finder won't leave without a fight, and until he does, Dora and the rest of her little household are in a whole lot of trouble.


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Genuinely laugh-out-loud funny

Praise & Reviews for The Vicar Man utterly splendid historical fantasy, with a lovely line in folk horror and humour

.....Clever, funny and a bit silly too. 

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About Amelia

For years I've wandered through bookshops thinking " know some of these books look terrible, I bet I could write one at least as bad!"

With this book I feel I have surpassed my wildest ambitions

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