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The Vicar Man On Tour

If you're on social media or enjoy reading book blogs, you might run into a familiar cover over the next few weeks. The Vicar Man is on tour, which, handily, can be achieved without my having to get up out of my chair and slog about in the current revolting heat. Here's a full list of who's taking part and when.

 A banner advertisement for the The Vicar Man book tour, giving dates and people involved, over cover details from the novel. It lists: Mon 18th July, @LUNADORCHA ; Tues 19th July, @CANDYGIRL73READS ; Weds 20th July, @BOOKISHBLUE_ ; Thurs 21st July, @THE.BOOKREADER ; Fri 22nd July, @FICTION_VIXEN18 ; Sat 23rd July, @NIKNAKREADS ; and Sun 24th July, @ELEMENTARYMYDEAR . It ends by giving the hashtag #TheVicarMan , my Twitter account: @ahcrowley_a and the hashtag for the tour company #kaleidoscopictours

A second advertisement for the The Vicar Man tour, in the same style as the first, giving the dates and participants for the second half of the tour. It lists: Mon 25th July, @EMMAROSALINE ; Tues 26th July @THEPURSUITOF BOOKINESS ; Weds 27th July, @ENJOYINGBOOKSAGAIN ; Thurs 28th July, @SOPH_LIFE.PAGES ; Fri 29th July, @C.ISFOR.CLAIRE_READS ; Sat 30th July, @STACEY_17 and @RAMBLINGMADS ; and Sun 31st July, @LISADOESLIFE_ and @TOSEMABOOK. It ends by again sharing the #TheVicarMan hashtag, my twitter handle of @ahcrowley_a , and the #kaleidoscopictours hashtag.

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