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The Vicar Man Is Now An Audiobook!

If you read my frankly bananas post about audiobooks and thought: "Does she have an ulterior motive here?" then you were absolutely right! Let's be honest, I wasn't very subtle about that, was I? Narrated by the brilliant Lillian Rachel, the book is available right now on Audible - just in time for Halloween. Go and get your copy now!

The cover design of The Vicar Man audiobook. Like the paperback cover it shows a stylised landscape in shades of blue and green, in a light gold frame which, towards the top of the image, takes the shape of a horned deity of some kind, or perhaps a particularly menacing goat. Two smaller frames contain miniature portraits: one of a curly haired young woman in traditionally historically inaccurate "bar-wench" attire, her face resting glumly on one hand; the other a slightly prim-looking gentleman with fluffy blond hair, wearing nineteenth century clerical dress and glasses. The gentleman looks much friendlier than that just made him sound, and the young woman looks as if the weight of the world is on her shoulders but that's FINE, that's Tuesday, it's not as if anyone else ever does any work around here. The title: "The Vicar Man" is emblazoned across the front of the book, and the author's name, "Amelia Crowley" is underneath that, squished somewhat up against the frame with clerical gentleman in, which throws off the balance of the image a little, but can't be avoided because Audible insist that you leave the right hand corner of the image free "for badges" apparently.

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