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It's Here!

If you read that title in Jack Nicholson's voice I am so sorry. Just assume I was making another horror-film reference* and move on.

Whatever all work and no play makes or does not make Jack, a lot of work definitely went into The Wolf-Finder General, which is why I'm so excited to get to share it with you at last. And here it is!

Three copies of The Wolf-Finder General stacked on a grey background. The books are dark blue, with the title across the middle, capped by the Wolf-Finder's pointy, puritan hat. Under the title are two frames containing images of Dora -a warm-skinned woman with curly brown hair, apparently wearing a shift- and Wulf -a large, black, dog. The author's name -which is to say my name- is written underneath. There are three books in the pile, but the bottom one is really a proof copy, which no one who just looks at the picture will know.

You can buy it right now by going here! (Although if you're in the USA you might want to look here instead).

*I was absolutely not making any sort of reference. I just heard it in my mind after I typed it. Sorry.

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