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A present, for the present

I'm not going to spend forever babbling into the void, today. I just wanted to wish everyone a happy whatever: whether your celebrations are over and done for the year, or still to come, or you've nothing to look forward to till February, or if all you're planning to celebrate is a quiet day in December, with a few less cars on the road.

May the future be no more than you can handle, and may it bring you all the love, happiness, and peace of mind, that anyone could reasonably wish. And if you've ever read The Vicar Man and wondered what the Islanders are like when they aren't trying to set their newest resident ablaze, or if you haven't, but you need a little bit of holiday reading to get you through the day, there's a small present; not really a story, not quite a series of vignettes, waiting for you here.

The sun rises over a grassy cliff or hill top, its light catching on the mist or low-lying cloud that lies over the edge. a few sparse deciduous trees are dotted about the hilltop, and a small fir stands just left of centre. A heavy cloud obscures much of the sky, so that the small pale sun provides only enough light to stand out, and to throw the trees into strong relief.

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